A learning community helping manufacturers thrive in a data-centric world.

The manufacturing world is changing in a seismic way; the collection, management and analysis of your data will determine whether it becomes a valuable enterprise asset for your business, or whether your business gets left behind.

Our Mission

...is to help your organisation decode how to introduce the right strategy, people and technology to truly enable enterprise wide digitization. We aim to be a foundational part of this movement, not by charging exorbitant fees to 'consult' on the right path into the unknown, but by creating a community of like-minded leaders, in a cross-industry environment, who want to achieve a common goal.

Who Gains

C-Level, Directors and the future talent groups

C-Level Practitioners from manufacturers looking to transform their data into a true business asset that informs strategy and innovation.

The Directors implementing this strategy.

The Future Talent of your business, who have a thirst for knowledge and will be leading the business in years to come.

How You Gain

This is an exciting time for manufacturing, but one that has more questions than answers. Our objective is to provide a global voice for the people charged with this transition, not become a spring board for software vendors to pitch from. This is why there is no solution or service provider content on PI, so no hidden agendas here.

PI members receive in depth case studies, C-suite perspectives, interviews, data shots, live webinars and other cutting edge content, all curated by our in house digital innovation team, and designed to give you the good, the bad and the ugly from the people who matter; those who are leading the charge.

This is the power of peer led learning.

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