PI Munich 2016

Munich, Germany
8th - 9th March, 2016

Bringing together the manufacturing industry to explore the process, people and technological challenges faced when building a profitable data-led innovation strategy.


PLM at Jaguar Land Rover

In this 3 part interview, the PLM management team at JLR share the vision for their PLM roadmap, specifcally, the background to their current structure, their change management programme, and the vendor selection process and projected ROI.

Cultural Change

PI SURVEY- The future of manufacturing has arrived.

This PI Annual sets out to identify the current state of the manufacturing industry and its response to the opportunities and challenges of the industrial internet...

Peter Bilello

The Circular Economy

with Peter Bilello

Peter Bilello, President of CIMdata, discusses the concept of the Circular Economy.

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Integrating People, Processes, Business Systems & Information

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Upcoming Events

PI Apparel 2016

New York, USA
27th - 28th June, 2016

Discover the technologies disrupting the fashion, apparel & footwear industry at this two day gathering in the heart of the world’s fashion capital.


PI Process 2016

London, UK
TBC, 2016

PI Process brings together leaders in R&D, Innovation, Quality and Marketing from the process industries to discuss the strategies needed to support continuous innovation and the technologies that translate these from paper to practice.


PI OC 2016

Orange County, USA
17th - 18th November, 2016

Two days for the manufacturing industry to explore data-led innovation strategy at an unmatched coastal retreat.


Analytics-Enabled Business Transformation

Presented by Filippo Passerini
Founder and CEO, Diligo

As we see the world around us change, detecting and anticipating the need for business transformation is becoming increasingly critical. The ability to stay "ahead of the curve" is...


Best Practice in Innovation Management

Presented by Ralph Lipp
Founder and CEO, Lipp Life Services

Designing and developing innovative new products for customers of the Life Science industries is more important today than ever. Both breakthrough as well as an incremental innovation...


Best Practice in PLM Adoption

Presented by Michael Telljohann
President, Telljohann Consulting

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) can be seductive; what company wouldn't want the promise of a disruptive improvement in its innovation capability and capacity? Software vendors and consultants...


Training Courses

Content Highlights

The PLM Landscape

with Bill Bone

Bill Bone, CTO of Aras, shares his thoughts on what companies making their first steps into PLM should consider. Filmed at PI San Diego.

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Deckers Brands' Business Transformation Journey

This video covers one of the biggest initiatives currently underway at Decker's Brands, namely their Business Transformation (BT) Project that aims to re-align strategy between brands, channels and global regions, always with the consumer in mind.

Business Transformation