David Sherburne

What is the Third Wave of IT IT^3 and the IoT?

Insight into the mega-trends that are uniting to create the perfect storm that will place companies in a competitive fight for their very existence.


Greg Folley

Innovation the Caterpillar Way

This session shares Caterpillar's business transformation story and their changing mindset to ensure they remain a success in the 21st Century.


Peter Hirst

The CEO has to get it

For companies to see success with the industrial internet, the CEO has to get it.


Joy Batchelor

Bridging the product configuration gap between PLM and ERP

In 2009 the ongoing evaluation of PLM applications, combined with a multi-phased deployment of an ERP application provided the backdrop for Jaguar Land Rover to examine the opportunities for the rationalisation and optimisation of product configuration capabilities. Joy Batchelor will discuss the configuration challenge and the journey they...


Craig Humanchuk

The Digital Drive at GE Aviation


Martin Eigner

Using Industrie 4.0

Martin Eigner discusses how IoT is affecting development trends in lifecycle management platforms.


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