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Impact of The Third Wave of IT, The Industrial Internet & Ubiquitous Connectivity to Product Companies

Presented by David Sherburne

IoT, M2M, ubiquitous connectivity, cheap sensors, Big Data, smart devices, these are all examples of technology that is driving massive change within product development and how companies engage their customers. There has been extensive speculation around the true impacts of this 'third wave of IT' productivity, but the general consensus today is that it will disrupt traditional business models and shake up their executive owners if not planned for properly. Look at what ride sharing and autonomous vehicles are doing to the automotive industry today.

No matter how successful you've been to date with your product business realize that incumbent players will succumb to new services players that were more prepared to embrace the changes coming to markets. Companies will have to increasingly design and merge machine data streams with product technology features and mobile devices to improve services and change customer delivery models at a rapid pace to be successful in the connected world.

As companies prepare to adapt to this evolution and attempt reap the rewards, you need to begin to ask different questions than in the past about business, culture and technology.

This presentation explores how data streams will shift the business from selling things to selling a services and discuss the various aspects of the technology and cultural changes that will be needed to enable hyper innovation cycles based on readily available data streams coming from devices.

  • What kind of services will be enabled by data on our markets and adjacent markets?
  • What kind of a company will we be in 5-10-15 years and how does that reshape your current model and product offerings?
  • What are the product design and architectural considerations of adopting IoT technology platforms?
  • How will the IoT thinking mature within the company and is the corporate culture flexible and agile enough to mature with it?
David Sherburne, Carestream Health
David Sherburne

Executive IT Director, Carestream Health

With over 25 years of experience across product design, divestitures, information technology and business process improvement, David brings a unique perspective to conversations on business evolution. David’s practical experience allows him to bridge the chasm that typically exists between functional business silos that must work together to deliver the changes demanded by the digital IoT technology wave and the corresponding social acceptance of the Sharing Economy.  Frequently requested as a conference speaker and a technical expert over the past decade, David challenges many mainstream ideas relative to product development, lifecycle management,  IT, R&D and Service. David is driving the awareness required to facilitate the businesses changes that will keep companies competitive in the new digital economy.  As an Executive IT Director at Carestream Health Incorporated, David directs comprehensive business process and IT implementations spanning remote service management (IoT, M2M), lifecycle management (PLM, ALM), program management (IT PMO), Engineering IT and Technical Communication.