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Combining Connectivity, Data and Design to Create a New and Innovative Product Experience

Presented by Josh Tuz

The simplest concepts often make for the best innovations. The drinkware and dishware industry is an incredibly essential yet traditionally uncreative sector; a plate has changed very little from the slab of rock that our primitive ancestors would have eaten from. It is, in truth, hard to imagine where we can possibly go next with this kind of product category. Our speaker Josh Tuz tells us how a simple idea can transform an entire sector, and shows us how one company is going to fundamentally change the way we eat and drink. 

Founded in 2012 by inventor and serial entrepreneur Clayton Alexander, Ember has built an incredible team of world-class product designers and engineers formerly with Apple, Google, Nokia, Microsoft, and Amazon Labs. Their plans are simple - to transform the drinkware and dishware industry by making the act of eating and drinking more enjoyable. Their flagship product, the Ember Mug, gives the user the ability to control the exact temperature they enjoy their coffee or tea at for hours on end. The Ember mug is the first launch of many that are already scheduled over the next few years. 

Without the restrictive red-tape often found in product manufacturing companies, Ember is able to focus on consumer-centric design and seek out the best technology and people to drive tremendous innovation. 

This session covers:

  • A bit about Ember- who are they?
  • How does Ember pursue innovation and product development?
  • How does Ember approach new technology evaluations? - fast decision-making, risk taking, and black or white thinking
  • Explaining the role of Cloud PLM in capturing, controlling and structuring product-related data
  • What have been the implications of this investment?
  • Product design for IoT and the role of connectivity in the company product vision
  • How is consumer data managed, analyzed and used to drive future product design and strategy?
Josh Tuz, Ember Technologies, Inc.
Josh Tuz

Director of Finance and Business Development, Ember Technologies, Inc.

Josh is a fast-paced business leader, who drives financial excellence through strategic innovation and collaborative decision making. He leverages experience across different industries and functional areas to “connect the dots” and move any business forward quickly in the best direction. At Ember, Josh leads finance and business operations to create the support infrastructure that allows the core team to remain 100% focused on product. Whether it’s business partnerships, financial planning, strategy development, or legal protection, he is there to make or influence optimal decisions across the business. Josh has passions for technology startups, venture capital, continuous learning, and leadership.