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Integrated PLM Solutions at L-3 Communications - Part I

Presented by Ryan Kunz

Often PLM is thought of as just an Engineering tool used to manage documentation or provide a foundation for change control. As such, it is often architected as a silo business system independent of the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or Manufacturing Execution (ME) systems.

PLM, however, should be treated equally with organizations primary business systems and ideally integrated to ensure optimal efficiencies through out the business process. This webinar explores some of the key benefits of architecting a PLM system in concert with ERP & ME business systems. The following focus areas are addressed:

  • What is the role of PLM in the integrated Solution
  • Integration of Engineering & Manufacturing in one system: - Design Data - Manufacturing Data - Engineering Bill of Material - Manufacturing Bill of Material - Manufacturing Bill of Process
  • Engineering Change vs. Enterprise Change
  • Closing the Requirements Traceability Loop

For more details on the design decisions surrounding an integrated solution see the "Integrated PLM Solutions – Part II"

Ryan Kunz, L3 Communications
Ryan Kunz

Director IRM Engineering, L3 Communications

Ryan Kunz is the Director of Information Resource Management at L3 Communications. Prior to taking this role, he lead the PLM Integrated Process Team in the deployment of an fully integrated business system between PLM, ERP & ME. Ryan has over 15 years of PDM/PLM experience in both Commercial and Aerospace & Defense industries and has a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Technology from Weber State University.