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Integrated PLM Solutions at L-3 Communications - Part II

Presented by Ryan Kunz

When architecting an integrated Business System that includes your PLM, there are several challenges that will likely need to be addressed to ensure a successful deployment.

This session explores these areas and provides insight on the directions that were taken for a large-scale integrated solution between Teamcenter PLM, SAP ERP & SAP ME. While the context of this webinar is tool specific, the concepts can be applied to any integrated Business System architecture.

The following focus areas are addressed:

  • Importance of Master Data Architecture
  • Part Numbering & Other Object Numbering Schemas
  • Who owns the Part or Material Master
  • Who owns the Bill of Material (Engineering & Manufacturing)
  • Who owns the Bill of Process or Routing
  • Who owns the Change Master
  • Where do you manage the Vendor data for Buy Parts
  • What is the role of requirements management in the architecture
  • How is the data delivered to ERP or ME
  • What data is brought back into the PLM
Ryan Kunz, L3 Communications
Ryan Kunz

Director IRM Engineering, L3 Communications

Ryan Kunz is the Director of Information Resource Management at L3 Communications. Prior to taking this role, he lead the PLM Integrated Process Team in the deployment of an fully integrated business system between PLM, ERP & ME. Ryan has over 15 years of PDM/PLM experience in both Commercial and Aerospace & Defense industries and has a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Technology from Weber State University.