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Application Lifecycle Management: Challenges and Best Practices

Presented by Joe Barkai

Designing, implementing and testing embedded software is becoming an increasingly complex task for product companies, threatening product quality, taxing resources and challenging budgets and schedules.

The burgeoning Application Life-cycle Management (ALM) methods and tools promise to address these challenges, yet confusion and ongoing debates concerning the implementation of these methods, the role of ALM versus that of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) hamper the ability of product companies to make significant improvements in the way they develop software intensive systems. In this webinar we will:

  • Highlight some of the challenges as well as best practices in implementing ALM in discrete manufacturing industries, emphasizing practices used in automotive and aerospace industries.
  • Discuss, in depth, the roles of ALM and PLM in product development and who, if any, should be the master of the “single version of truth” of product data.
  • Propose a product development framework to implement ALM in your organization.
Joe Barkai, Joe Barkai
Joe Barkai

Industry Consultant, Author and Speaker, Joe Barkai

Joe Barkai is a recognized expert in PLM and Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) methods and tools. Joe has extensive experience in product management, product development and market strategies in a broad range of industries and technologies and has been involved in researching and developing decision support methods and tools for over 20 years. Prior to launching his current consulting practice, Joe was Vice President of Research at IDC, managing global market research practices in PLM, SLM and discrete manufacturing industries.