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Staying Ahead of the Curve through PLM Roadmap Reinvention

Presented by Austin Mallis
  • How has the company benefited from PLM's deployment 2 years ago?
  • How has global collaboration been strengthened by consolidating the needs of design, production and vendors into one dynamic platform?
  • PLM, the technology that never sleeps - re-looking at your implementation and finding new areas of improvement
  • Treating PLM like a live organism that needs constant attention, activity and tweaking to maximise development
  • Changing company, people and views to support long term success - cultural challenges
  • Finding quick wins
Austin Mallis, Fashion Avenue Sweater Knits, LLC
Austin Mallis

VP, Operations, Fashion Avenue Sweater Knits, LLC

Austin Mallis is currently Vice President of Operations at Fashion Avenue Sweater Knits, LLC. Since this appointment, Austin has taken a 30 year old garment company and brought it into the digital age, a stage he calls FASK 2.0.  He has been responsible for re-implementing the current ERP, reviewing departmental multi-channel workflow, creating the deployment plan, and putting in place NGC’S PLM & SCM SOLUTION.  

He is currently executing his PLM2014 VISION for the company. Austin can provide strong insight and expertise in the principles of a successful technology implementation; he merges the worlds of management, technology and fashion on a daily basis.