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‘Seeing the Unseen’ – Combining Science and Design to Create A New World of Materials

Presented by Lauren Bowker

Consumers are oblivious to the technology and material science that goes into the creation of the fashion/apparel garments and footwear they buy and wear. While this technology is impressive, a London-based company called ‘T H E U N S E E N’ is working hard to take this to the next level by combining Chemistry with Materials.

T H E U N S E E N is a team of varied talent including anatomists, engineers, chemists and cutters that blend biological and chemical matter into the materials they use. Having worked with brands including Swarovski Gem Stones, Hendricks Gin, Airbus and more, their newest project has seen the creation of an environmental-reactive ink that, when used in clothing, changes colour through the RGB scale upon contact with the air around the wearer. Be it through air turbulence, air temperature or even brain-usage patterns and heat, what appears initially as a line of ornate high-end black couture pieces transform into vibrant, chameleon-like greens, blues and purples as the clothes, the human and their habitat begin to interact and react.

Lauren Bowker, T H E U N S E E N founder and Material Alchemist, joins PI to showcase her vision, collaborative work and potential applications before ending with a live demonstration of how these materials work.

Lauren Bowker, T H E U N S E E N
Lauren Bowker

The Material Alchemist, T H E U N S E E N

Lauren Bowker is a creative materials alchemist & designer with a user experience, chemistry and textiles background. Mainly designing and prototyping materials innovation, experience & magick. Aesthetics lay at the heart. Key skills & interests lie in the relationship between people and emerging technologies within materials, particularly the experience of the consumer, and innovating through the design of new material, interactions, services and surfaces. Creating new dimensions of experience, to foster participation and the transparency of information using wonder and beauty.