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Exploring Complexity: Convergence of Enterprise Product Development Processes

Presented by Joe Barkai

Throughout the more technologically-complex product industries, software is rapidly surpassing hardware's dominance and importance. For decades, manufacturers have evolved PLM practices and software to govern all aspects of product lifecycle, but these methods and tools are challenged by the misalignment and complexity of disparate and uncoordinated mechanical, electrical and software engineering disciplines. Moreover, the current application lifecycle management (ALM) environment in most organizations is highly fragmented and struggles to scale to support the increased complexity of modern systems and products.

This session uses the findings of a market research data from the automotive industry to discuss the rationale, challenges and benefits in realizing a unified product development framework, and propose a maturity model to assist manufacturing organizations in assessing their current capabilities and create a roadmap to stay ahead of the complexity curve.

Key topics discussed:

  • Market research data to demonstrate the product development challenges in coordinating the development of complex multidisciplinary systems, and the corresponding impact on business goals.
  • Is it really PLM vs. ALM (or perhaps ERP), or do we need a different unified approach?
  • Capabilities maturity models as a roadmap to implementing an effective ALM strategy  
Joe Barkai, Joe Barkai
Joe Barkai

Industry Consultant, Author and Speaker, Joe Barkai

Joe Barkai is a recognized expert in PLM and Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) methods and tools. Joe has extensive experience in product management, product development and market strategies in a broad range of industries and technologies and has been involved in researching and developing decision support methods and tools for over 20 years. Prior to launching his current consulting practice, Joe was Vice President of Research at IDC, managing global market research practices in PLM, SLM and discrete manufacturing industries.