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Bridging the Product Configuration Gap Between PLM and ERP

Presented by Joy Batchelor

In 2009 the ongoing evaluation of PLM applications, combined with a multi-phased deployment of an ERP application provided the backdrop for Jaguar Land Rover to examine the opportunities for the rationalisation and optimisation of product configuration capabilities. 

Joy Batchelor will discuss the configuration challenge and the journey they have undertaken over the last 4 years in preparation for a detailed and successful launch in early 2014.

  • Understanding the configuration challenge in a configure-to-order company where personalisation is vital
  • What is configuration lifecycle management? – scope, platform development and benefits
  • How will configuration lifecycle management support innovation in product modelling, test capabilities and future visualisation?
  • What are the opportunities for the future?
Joy Batchelor, Jaguar Land Rover
Joy Batchelor

Technical Specialist for Product Configuration, Jaguar Land Rover

Joy Batchelor is the Technical Specialist of Product Configuration at Jaguar Land Rover, a position she has held since 2012. Her current main focus is the best practice in bridging the configuration gap between PLM and ERP systems. Joy started her career at JLR in 2008 as a Project Engineer.