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Is your PLM System running out of steam?

Presented by Joe Barkai

The manufacturing world continues to change at an accelerated speed. New complexities driven by embedded software and cyber-physical system interactions introduce new design challenges. New business models force product designers to rethink everything, from product architecture to supply chains.

Can your PLM system handle these new challenges?

With its roots in a CAD-centric world that revolved around BOM oriented data management and workflow, traditional PLM software is already taxed rapidly reiterating development cycles and incorporate new engineering disciplines such as embedded software.

PLM systems are running out of steam!

As organizations shift their thinking from products to service platforms, and leverage opportunities enabled by the Internet of Things (IoT), they will need to question and reevaluate their product lifecycle management strategies and methodologies, and the role of PLM software.

In this session we discuss the impending challenges in product lifecycle management, explore new approaches leveraging the Internet of Things, and the role of PLM in redesigning your product organization. Specifically, this session explores three key topics:


  • Design for IoT
  • Design for the Business of IoT
  • Is it ‘Design for IoT’ or ‘Design by IoT’?
Joe Barkai, Joe Barkai
Joe Barkai

Industry Consultant, Author and Speaker, Joe Barkai

Joe Barkai is a recognized expert in PLM and Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) methods and tools. Joe has extensive experience in product management, product development and market strategies in a broad range of industries and technologies and has been involved in researching and developing decision support methods and tools for over 20 years. Prior to launching his current consulting practice, Joe was Vice President of Research at IDC, managing global market research practices in PLM, SLM and discrete manufacturing industries.