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How are big data and analytics changing the PLM landscape?

Presented by Gahl Berkooz

The PLM vendor landscape first started with a group of niche companies that offered a combined hardware/software solution. They persisted up until 'work stations' and improved functionality in the database space arose that killed these vendors off. This gave birth to today's generation of vendors that for the past 5-10 years have really held the PLM fort.

But today, Big Data is about taking the data-based technology underlying Google (Hadoop) and making this available to everyone. The fundamental changes that will follow in how data is collected, processed and ultimately used are pushing these PLM household names into a niche group of their own and it stands to reason that they too will become outdated dinosaurs and become extinct paving the way for the next generation of technology.

This session discusses:

  • 'A Brief History of PLM' - how is the vendor data management changing?
  • 'Dawn of the Big Data Giants' - how is big data transforming the way we do business?
  • Enabling superior product development through Big Data & Analytics
  • Improving the inclusion of the consumer's voice into product design
  • Enhanced Test Data Management through better mining practices and subsequent avoidance of failure
  • Evolving the Connected Vehicle
  • Wrapping up Big Data capabilities and exploring how best to link this with PLM and product development
Gahl Berkooz, Ford Motor Company
Gahl Berkooz

Head of Data and Governance, Ford Motor Company

Dr. Gahl Berkooz is Ford’s Global Head of Data and Governance. Prior, he established the Information Management and Analytics function at Ford IT. He built the function to over 100 professionals, and $10 Million in revenue by developing and deploying a portfolio of Information Management and Analytics services and a technology architecture. Dr. Berkooz delivered close to $2 Billion of savings and cost avoidance in business operations through analytics and improved data. In 2015 he was recruited to be on the founding team of Ford’s newly established Global Data Insight and Analytics Business Unit in the role of Head of Data and Governance where his responsibilities include Data Standards, Data Quality, Data Governance, and Ford’s Data Supply Chain.