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Taking GE Aviation's Data Management Architecture Digital

Presented by Craig Humanchuk

GE Aviation’s data was residing in multiple places globally and within each place was a complete mixture of structured and unstructured formats. Ultimately, this meant that trying to combine all of this information together into one place to heighten speed and visibility was impossible and as such, was hindering the overall efficiency of the organization. The traditional PLM platform they had invested in was failing them; there was no way that this platform could capture the entire enterprise-wide process and so they began to look for a solution that could.

Enter the ‘digital thread’. Leveraging on GE’s success in the Industrial Internet market, they began to translate successes from their parent company, into their aviation business. This session covers the strategic and technical steps for success:

  • How were GE Aviation’s legacy data systems failing them?
  • What was the incentive and drive to look to the Industrial Internet and analytics as a solution?
  • How was/is GE’s Industrial Internet being leveraged into the Aviation business?
  • What does the Industrial Internet mean to data strategy and how does this tie in with analytics?
  • What did/does this roll-out look like? Where was the pilot and what were the learnings?
  • How is the digital strategy being integrated with existing systems?
  • What are the long term goals of a digital data strategy?

Video mentioned in presentation can be found on YouTube here.

Craig Humanchuk, GE Aviation
Craig Humanchuk

Engineering CIO, GE Aviation

As the CIO, Craig is responsible for the entire PLM strategy for Aviation, and the CAx strategy for Aviation, Power & Water, and Transportation. Craig's early career included time in the Gas Turbine industry with GE where he developed deep domain expertise in the CAD/CAM field, while his Design Engineering experience was focused around High Pressure Turbine hardware. As an engineering manager he contributed to the culture change of the model based enterprise and drove to eliminate traditional paper drawings.

Tim Gieske, GE Aviation
Tim Gieske

Software Director – Digital Thread, GE Aviation

As the Software Director for Aviation’s Digital Thread, Tim is responsible for setting the vision and priorities for software technology enablement for Aviaton Engineering. He introduced a version of GE FastWorks combining concepts with Agile development that transformed project delivery continuously aligned to business priorities. Prior to his current role, Tim had 15+ years of experience specific to Business Intelligence, leading GE’s visualization and unstructured data strategies.  Tim’s focus has been the pursuit of simplifying the consumption of data, converting information to decision.