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Disrupting Design through the Nomadic Museum

Presented by Sam Aquillano

Design can change the world. Done well, it can elevate our quality of life, make businesses more competitive, and protect our environment. Design awareness, education, and expertise are more important now than ever as design continues to impact communities, organizations, and markets around the world. Sam Aquillano is the Founder and Executive Director of Design Museum Boston — his mission: show the world the positive impact good design can have, and create the most accessible museum in the world.

Design is everywhere. Shouldn’t a design museum be “everywhere” too? Design Museum Boston is a new kind of museum, part of a new national, nomadic design museum network producing events and exhibitions online and in places where people already go — redefining what it means to be a museum in the 21st century.  Rather than lock the world’s amazing creativity into one single building, Sam and his team turn the museum inside out and transform entire cities into design museums — creating more vibrant places to live, work, and play. At the same time, this national design museum network brings together designers of all disciplines, is open to all industry professionals, and is accessible to all ages, from kids to global CEOs.

Design Museum Boston is scaling nationally, in ways no other museum can, with a vision to be in every major city. Learn about this disruptive new organization that’s bringing the power of design to everyone.

Sam Aquillano, Design Museum Boston
Sam Aquillano

Executive Director, Design Museum Boston

Sam Aquillano is Founder and Executive Director of Design Museum Foundation, a national network of local design museums operating three sites: Design Museum Boston, Design Museum Portland in Oregon and Design Museum San Francisco. This continues to grow across the country. Their mission is to educate the world about the importance of design in our lives.