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Gaining Value through IoT, Data and Proactive Service

Presented by Will Valencak

STERIS Corporation, a global $3.35B company servicing the healthcare, life sciences and other industries, has multiple lines of business, including the manufacture and servicing of capital medical sterilization equipment installed in hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and research laboratories. STERIS has embarked on an Internet of Things (IoT) project to send cycle and alarm information back to a central office, and to dispatch field service technicians to proactively service equipment.

John Rogers and Will Valencak from STERIS’ ProConnect IoT Team joined PI to discuss:

  • Implementation of the ThingWorx platform
  • How IoT enables product innovation
  • Real-time analysis of collected data
  • How Big Data and analytics allows you to extract value from IoT
  • Value of deploying an IoT solution within the business
Will Valencak, Steris
Will Valencak

Lead Architect of STERIS ProConnect IoT, Steris

Will Valencak is a Technical Architect at STERIS and is leading the development of ProConnect Mashups, a PTC Thingworx-powered IoT platform for collecting and analyzing data from medical device washers and sterilizers installed in the field.  He has 15 years of experience designing and developing software applications for many industries, including medical and semiconductor device manufacturing.

John Rogers, Steris
John Rogers

Manager of STERIS ProConnect IoT, Steris

John Rogers has served ten years as project lead on a number of international projects in leading technology-driven companies. Today, he manages the Internet of Things team at STERIS, a $4BN medical device company. The ProConnect IoT team is responsible for the development of real-time remote monitoring solutions in manufactured sterilization equipment.  The team also develops web and mobile app interfaces for both internal and external customers to take advantage of the monitoring technology. In addition, data accumulated from these devices is the catalyst for on-going Big Data and Analytics efforts at STERIS.