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Developing the Technology to Make the Hyperloop a Reality

Presented by Josh Giegel

Back in 2013, Elon Musk revealed his concept for the Hyperloop – a futuristic transportation tube capable of transporting people and freight at speeds of up to 760 mph. Having not patented the design and with no plans to develop a commercial vessel himself, Mr.Musk encouraged an open source design/development strategy for the 'next breakthrough in transportation', encouraging others to step forward and take up this challenge.

In February 2015, Hyperloop Technologies, one of the two leading contenders for the Hyperloop’s design, announced plans to develop and commercialize the technology. Their vision: to move people and cargo at speeds never thought possible, making the world smaller, cleaner and more efficient. 

Tasked with the design and analysis of all major mechanical elements of the Hyperloop system, Josh Giegel shares their story and vision with PI.

Josh Giegel, Hyperloop Technologies
Josh Giegel

VP, Design & Analysis Engineering, Hyperloop Technologies

Josh is leading the design and analysis of all major mechanical elements of the Hyperloop system. Josh brings with him an extensive background in advanced fluid, thermal, thermodynamic and structural analysis, as well as a strong history in hardware based development. Previously, Josh led research activities at Echogen Power Systems and worked at SpaceX where he served as the lead analyst on six different rocket engines.