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Innovation through IT enabled Digital Transformation

Presented by Anosh Thakkar

As CTO of a global electrical, healthcare and consumer goods brand, Anosh led and delivered a major IT architectural overhaul to transform Philips’ supply chain. The complex transformation could only have been acheived by simplifying the IT architecture framework across the product innovation platform with an emphasis on digitalisation, cloud technology, and connecting people, processes and data through an open digital IT platform.

The goods, sales and service has been drastically improved, thus enabling Philips to leverage themselves as a key player and competitor in their field. This presentation focuses on how Philips used IT innovation to simplify processes and optimise sales by moving from a supply chain and finance  business model to foster a strategy based on customer experience and engagement.

  • The use of digital IT to enable products and services
  • The shift in the supply chain and the move to a more centric digital marketing and sales platform
  • Defining and simplifying IT process frameworks
  • The move from ‘order to cash’ to ‘market to order’
  • Lessons learned: set the foundation and fail fast!
Anosh Thakkar, Philips
Anosh Thakkar

Chief Technology Officer, Vice President, Philips

Anosh Thakkar is the Chief Technology Officer for Philips. He has led Philips through a large Digital transformation that was coupled with Philips' “Accelerate” Business transformation. Anosh has been with Philips for 8 years, first as head of head of IT operations and in thelast 4 years as the Vice President of Architecture, Innovation and Portfolio Management. As the CTO of Philips, he is responsible for revamping the entire legacy landscape and replace it with 10 core digital-platforms over a course of 5 years. Prior to joining Philips, Anosh worked in various Global 500 companies in leadership positions within Supply Chain and IT. A Chemical Engineer and MBA by education, Anosh has lived in 7 countries spanning Europe, Asia and North America - he now lives in Amsterdam. Connect with Anosh at: