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Connected Vehicles at Volvo Trucks

Presented by Hayder Wokil

In this interview Hayder Wokil, the Mobility and Automation Director at Volvo Trucks explains how Volvo exploits the benefits of connectivity to develop customised trucks and services for their customers.

He foresees that trucks will be able to monitor their own health in real-time, promoting easier and quicker service which would lead to higher productivity for all concerned – drivers, workshops and haulage firms.

Furthemore, synchronising the service needs with the truck’s operating timetable the nearest workshop will be booked at a time when the vehicle would not normally be in operation, for instance at night or when the driver has to take a legislated break.

As the connectivity potential for trucks continues developing, vehicles will be able to be specified to suit not only each individual customer but also every single operation to maximise cost efficiencies.

Hayder Wokil, Volvo Trucks AB >
Hayder Wokil

Mobility & Automation Director, Volvo Trucks AB

Hayder is a civil engineer holding Master Degree of Science from Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden with 20 years’ experience in the international Transport and Trucking industry.

He is currently working as Mobility and Automation Director at Volvo Trucks - Branding and Strategy Department. Hayder was recently heavily engaged in Volvo’s Platoon that drove from Gothenburg to Rotterdam in the TPC project (Truck Platooning Challenge), an initiative that was taken by the Dutch Transport Ministry and in which many European trucks OEM’s participated.

Prior to Hayder’s current position he was Quality and Uptime Director at Volvo Trucks and member of Volvo Group Quality Committee. He started his career at Volvo Trucks by working as test engineer for almost 20 years ago. Later he was holding different position within product development and product management.

In Hayder’s current position he is involved in prompting new technology within Automation and autonomy in trucks as well as pushing for wider usage of EMS (European Modell System) and HTC (Heavy Transport Capacity) in purpose to make the transport sector more efficient.