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PLM in Highly Customizable Product Scenarios

Presented by Dagmar Heinrich

Since many years digital prototyping are already state of the art in series production. Rational behind this is the level of quality to be achieved in in a digital, 3D based design process for the high numbers of parts in series production.

However the concepts offers also great advantages for engineering to order processes if smartly applied. As an example experience from VIP completions projects will be referenced and best practices for business case generation, implementation tactics and target processes will be presented. The presented context may be applied in other ETO business as well such as yacht building, submarines etc.

Dagmar Heinrich, Huber+Suhner AG
Dagmar Heinrich

Head of PLM, Huber+Suhner AG

Dagmar Heinrich works at Huber+Suhner where she oversees CAD, PDM, SAP PLM / Pronovia, MDM and Variant configuration and is running a long-term initiative to remodel PLM into an end to end process. Before this appointment, Dagmar was Professor, PLM and CAx at the School of Applied Technology in Rapperswil, SG where she worked closely with a number of industrial companies on PLM projects and implementations. Dagmar has also held positions in the automotive, aerospace, defense and other industrial areas and has always worked on projects in female career promotion and females in technical domains.