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The Connected Mine

Presented by Peter Burman

Boliden's mine automation work ensures that the production is efficient and profitable, safe and environmentally responsible as our mines get deeper. Mine automation is a driver to further develop and improve Boliden's mining business. Within its Mine Automation programme, Boliden is currently implementing and trialling a number of major mine automation projects and initiatives in parallel to improve safety, and drive efficiency and productivity.

Mine automation uses enhanced communications and monitoring systems, which makes it easy to locate, communicate and support workers during normal mine operation or in the event of an emergency. In this interview Peter explains how the transformation started with a wireless network technology, from there on, enabled not only the use of IP telephones and data traffic underground but paved the way for advanced positioning technology and monitoring systems installed in several mines. Such solutions allow communication and access to information throughout the mines, and can quickly establish where workers and equipment are located at any time. Collective control systems and demand controlled ventilation systems are other examples of mine automation technologies.

Topics covered in this interview include:

  • Workforce transformation: leading winning negotiations with labour unions
  • The data dilemma: sharing data with OEM and suppliers
  • Mine-tech vs high-tech: exploring and exploiting technology transfers 
Peter Burman, Boliden >
Peter Burman

Automation Manager, Boliden

Born in 1964, Peter holds a master of science and M.B.A and has been Project Manager in the Mine Automation Program at Boliden since 2012. In 2015 Peter has been appointed to Program Manager for the entire mine automation program. Today, Peter is also coordinating Boliden’s contacts with European universities and research organizations.

After working for Boliden previously from 1988-1995, Peter had a 17 years’ stint in the telecom business. During period Peter was working at Ericsson and Ascom taking over various positions like R&D manager and Business Area Manager.