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The Connected Bottle

Presented by Markus Wulff

Absolut has successfully rolled out its first pilot-project harnessing the Internet of Things to connect to the end-consumer. Equipping its bottles with NFC technology, Absolut has created a new point of contact by turning a physical bottle into a digital media channel to offer innovative on-demand services and a more service-led marketing campaign.

In this webinar Markus shares his first experiences with their digital touchpoint and associated opportunities to re-define the relationship with their consumers. Putting the consumer first he explains how the connected bottle delivers engaging, relevant content and creates a new experience for consumers while collecting valuable insights and data.

Topics covered in this session include:

  • Closing the gap between brand and consumer
  • Accessing contextual services to heighten the enjoyment of the brands and products
  • Leveraging new technologies to deliver store specific promotions and experiences
  • Preparing the next steps: the development of the Connected Bottle 2.0
Markus Wulff, The Absolut Company
Markus Wulff

Digital Business Innovation Manager, The Absolut Company

Markus Wulff is a digital creative business developer with a background in both entrepreneurship and large corporations. Markus has developed a thorough proficiency in leadership, innovation and digital media development.

Markus was part of the founding team behind by Ottoboni - one of Sweden’s largest digital agencies. Ottoboni mixed expertise in marketing and technology to develop communication in new ways. Ottoboni was acquired in 2010 by Nordkom.

In particular, over the past few years, Markus has gained special skills in innovation development, product marketing, startup discovery, emerging technologies, conversion tracking and campaign ROI. Throughout the career, Markus has taking personal responsibility for driving projects forward in a variety of challenging environments.

Markus has been working with digital projects for large brands such as Skanska, Google, Telenor, and Absolut. Intranets, extranets, corporate communication projects, online services, communities, mobile projects, e-commerce.

The work as a digital manager at Absolut focuses on finding new disruptive services and technologies to pilot and evaluate. Other projects Markus has been a part of are Sthlm Tech Fest and Google House.