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Drones 101 - A Compendium of the Key Issues

Presented by Arthur Holland Michel

When Arthur Holland Michel and his colleagues at Bard College founded the Center for the Study of the Drone in 2012, they already had a sense that drones were going to become a significant topic, presenting society with a range of unfamiliar challenges and opportunities. But in the five years since then, drones have become a worldwide phenomenon that has entirely outstripped everyone's wildest expectations.

Drones are now used for everything from delivering urgent medical supplies in Rwanda to dazzling spectators at Disney World. They have saved lives and sparked complex and divisive controversies that have left regulators scrambling to catch up with a technology that shows no sign of slowing down. How can we stay on top of this issue and get ahead of the technology? How do we balance the remarkable opportunities afforded by drones against concerns around privacy, safety, and ethics? What will be the new normal in a drone-filled world?

Arthur joins PI to give a comprehensive overview of the key opportunities, challenges and the latest research into the extraordinary future of drone technology.

Arthur Holland Michel, Center for the Study of the Drone
Arthur Holland Michel

Co-Director, Center for the Study of the Drone

Arthur Holland Michel is an author, researcher, and the co-director of the Center for the Study of the Drone at Bard College, an interdisciplinary research and education institute that examines the challenges and opportunities associated with the proliferation of unmanned systems technology in military and civilian spheres. He has written about drones, robots, and defense for a variety of publications and is the author of a forthcoming book about airborne surveillance technology, to be published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt in 2018.