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How PLM Deployment Changes a Company's Culture

Presented by Hermann Paetzold

The decision and willingness to deploy PLM throughout a global organization, including non-technical departments, drives a cultural change process to create a more adaptive culture and to enforce cross departmental collaboration.

  • Following Robert Gilman's S-curve to monitor the progress of PLM deployment and to describe cultural change
  • Realising that the request for a user-friendly PLM system is an indicator of resistance to PLM enforcing cross departmental collaboration
  • Assigning visionary managers, who care deeply about customers, stockholders and employees, to drive and promote an adaptive corporate culture and a successful PLM deployment
  • Ensuring personal vision of each member of the implementation team to facilitate organizational change
Hermann Paetzold, PLM Culture
Hermann Paetzold

Former PLM Systems Manager, Autoneum & Founder, PLM Culture

In 2014 Hermann founded PLM Culture exploring new ways to promote the company-wide cultural changes required for the deployment of end-to-end PLM systems. Before that Hermann was responsible for the global PLM system at Autoneum and was charged with getting all end-to-end product definition data in PLM. Hermann held other positions at Autoneum and studied Psychology at the University of Zürich.