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The Curiosity Rover and its Journey to Mars

Presented by Doug McCuistion

On August 6th 2012, Curiosity, the NASA Mars Rover, made a successful landing in Gale Crater on Mars. This marked the culmination of many years of preparation and a journey of more than 350 million miles.  

In this session, Program Director Doug McCuiston shares his experiences of a project that required huge ingenuity, continual design innovation and the management of an entirely unique set of challenges encountered when trying to land a car sized robotic rover on a planet with conditions not replicable on Earth.

Doug McCuistion, SGT, Inc
Doug McCuistion

NASA Mars Exploration Program Director (ret.), SGT, Inc

Until the end of 2012, Doug McCuistion was the Director of the Mars Exploration Program, NASA’s science-driven program seeking to understand whether Mars was, is, or can be a habitable world.  

As Director, he oversaw the major science goals of the program, which include determining if life ever existed on Mars, characterizing the climate and geology of Mars, and preparing for human exploration of Mars. The Mars Exploration Program missions include the Odyssey orbiter, the Mars Exploration Rovers Spirit and Opportunity, Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, and most recently, the highly successful Mars Science Laboratory mission and Curiosity Rover.