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Recovering a Failing PLM Implementation

Presented by Pamela Schwandtner

Eleven months into its PLM implementation, Insitu Inc., a Boeing Company, found itself almost a year behind schedule and severely over budget. The company regrouped and made PLM a success in less than 60 days and gained a real-world best practice in PLM deployment.

  • Recognising the issues arising from the PLM strategy and resetting them
  • Rebuilding the business case
  • Utilising the Agile deployment methodology
  • Customising the solution, migrating mass data and training users
  • Achieving complete recovered rollout in 60 days
  • What are the immediate benefits to Boeing Insitu of a functional PLM platform?
Pamela Schwandtner, Insitu
Pamela Schwandtner

PLM Implementation Engineer, Insitu

Pamela Schwandther is PLM implementation engineer at Insitu, Inc and serves on the core PLM implementation team. Pamela is responsible for planning, requirements development, solution architecture, testing and project management for each deliverable on the PLM roadmap. Pam and the core team stood up the initial PLM system in 2011 by replacing a paper change management system and paper EBOMs with Aras Innovator in just under 60 days.