Wilson Poon

How Tristate Made 1.3% Extra Revenue with Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and IoT Mobility Technology

Tristate Holdings, a $300 Million revenue manufacturer, took a visionary leap from traditional technology to completely AI driven tech. This leap in technological innovation immediately realised a 1.3% gain in revenue.

In this session, Wilson Poon gives a blow by blow account of how AI, Big Data and IoT Mobility transformed their business and how they too could help your business.

Armin Prommersberger

Artificial Intelligence Applied

HARMAN has developed “Sherlock” – an AI colleague that completely redefines the innovation management workflow in the Lifestyle Audio Division. Sherlock is trained to identify the valuable information out of the plethora of data created every minute around the world, carry out targeted market research and provide guidance on the prospects of future projects based on data, thus replacing the lengthy manual technology scouting process focused on a few individuals with predictive analytics. Furthermore, as the results are transparent and shared on the intranet, it allows for deeper collaboration within all team members and further streamlines the development process.

Topics covered in this interview include:

  • How to build a business case for AI
  • Avoiding the main pitfalls when implementing AI
  • To what extent is AI going to affect an organisation's business culture?

Josh Mallett

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning - Interpreting the Voice of the Consumer

Consumers are talking…are you listening?

As consumers increasingly turn to digital channels to purchase fashion apparel, there is an explosion of data on consumers’ interests, behaviors, experiences, complaints and desires related to fashion goods. Being “customer centric” is often a primary goal of retailers, yet many are challenged to really hear what their customers are saying. Recent research from Kurt Salmon has identified that while many retailers have been collecting internet data for years, most lack the advanced analytical capabilities required to correctly interpret this information in order to make meaningful business decisions. Fortunately, recent advances in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are putting the consumer voice directly in the hands of product designers, buyers and marketers to make real-time decisions.

Join Josh has he shares his research, including:

  • Key pitfalls retailers are currently making by not listening to their consumer
  • Relevant examples of new insights not previously available
  • Recommendations on how to embed the “Voice of The Customer” into your organization’s DNA

Armin Prommersberger

Snippet - Pitfalls When Implementing AI

HARMAN has developed “Sherlock” – an AI colleague that completely redefines the innovation management workflow in the Lifestyle Audio Division. In his hierarchy of stumbling stones, Armin explains how to identify, mitigate and manage the fundamental factors - inspiration, fear and resilience – which are decisive for a successful implementation of AI solutions.