The Overview

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) can be seductive; what company wouldn't want the promise of a disruptive improvement in its innovation capability and capacity? Software vendors and consultants cite high ROI's, benchmark success stories and make implementations sound straightforward but in truth, failures are more common than most would like to admit.

PLM roll-outs are complex; they affect core company processes, require software that is far from out of the box and require collaboration between siloed functions and teams. The best advice ever given regarding PLM is a successful implementation involves three things; in order of importance these are 1) Culture/people, 2) Process and 3) Technology. What most people underestimate is the order in which these should be prioritized. Most invert the above order, focusing predominantly on the technology and process and dramatically underestimating the culture/people element. Often, this results in a PLM system that isn't used or is underused and does not deliver the value that originally justified its investment.

This course is for PLM implementation leaders and covers core areas of PLM strategy, pitfalls that plague many programs and how to develop an implementation plan that guarantees optimized adoption and promised value.

The Specifics

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Attendees will be able to:

The Audience

This course is designed for Senior Engineering, R&D, Sourcing and IT leaders of companies planning new PLM implementations or significant expansions. PLM sponsors, implementation leaders and Senior Managers of organizations adopting PLM would all benefit. The course would be most valuable to those with limited PLM experience as it focuses on making disruptive change with PLM.

The Format

So that the trainer can better understand your personal needs and reasons for attending, and prepare content to suit, we ask that you fill out a personal profile before attending.

The course is an interactive experience, mixing standalone presentations, case studies and group discussions/activities, to ensure that you gain the most from the knowledge and experience of both the trainer and your peers.

Dates and Locations

Available as an in-house course. Please contact us for more information.