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PI is a CIO-led learning community for manufacturers.

Our mission is to provide the CIO, their executive team as well as future talent, the network and the peer-led knowledge to respond to the opportunities and threats of an information-centric World.

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The CIO is at the nexus of business strategy and technology, and the proliferation of technology driven data, places the modern CIO at the heart of strategic priorities facing manufacturers.

PI is dedicated to helping your organization decode how to introduce the right strategy, people and technology through our community of like-minded leaders. Our cross-industry network helps you to understand and manage threats to your business, but also gives you the insights to respond to the vast emerging opportunities available to manufacturers.

This is the power of peer-led learning.

Who Gains?

C-Level, Directors and the future talent groups
The modern CIO and their executive team

...who recognise that the way manufacturers create, operate and service products is changing.

Directors and VPs

...implementing this strategy.

The future talent

...of your business, who have a thirst for knowledge and will be leading the business in years to come.

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