About PI

Inspiration for manufacturers

Manufacturers shape the World we live in. Everyday our lives are influenced, for better or worse, by the manufactured products that we co-exist with. What we eat, how we travel, the technology that we communicate with, the clothes on our back - there are almost no areas where manufacturers aren’t influencing our lives.

Our mission is to inspire manufacturers, exposing them to new ideas, game-changing innovation, and improved methodologies. We do this through our events on 4 continents, online content libraries and focused networking forums.

Every year PI helps thousands of companies learn and work together to improve their businesses and change the World!

Steve Wozniak, Co-founder of Apple, delivering the PI Keynote in Berlin.
André Borschberg, Pilot of Solar Impulse, joins PI in Boston to share the technical, human and operational challenges of circumnavigating the World using only solar power.
Doug McCuiston, NASA Mars Exploration Program Director (ret.) sharing the complexities of engineering and delivering the Curiosity Rover to Mars.
Captain Jim Lovell, legendary astronaut and Commander of Apollo 13, speaking at PI in Texas.
Lauren Bowker, The Material Alchemist from THE UNSEEN, demonstrates the astonishing potential of material science at PI Apparel in Hong Kong.

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