PI is a CIO-led learning community for manufacturers.

Our mission is to provide the CIO, their executive team, as well as future talent, with the network and peer-led knowledge to respond to opportunities and threats in an information-centric World.

Rapidly evolving technological trends are imposing the most significant transformative forces on manufacturers since the Industrial Revolution. How manufacturers create, operate and service their products is undergoing a seismic shift.

Analysts have heralded these trends for some time, but now we are starting to see how technology and data are critical assets for manufacturers, and it is the CIO who sits at the nexus of business strategy and technology. This places the modern CIO and his team at the heart of the strategic priorities facing manufacturers: the link between physical and digital, responsible for bridging the gap between business and IT, and delivering game-changing innovation.

Why PI?

PI exists to provide manufacturers a cross-industry network of industry pioneers and like-minded peers. Our purpose is to harness this collective wealth of knowledge to give our members insights to navigate the fast-moving manufacturer landscape, innovate in both product and strategy, and ultimately, create more shareholder and customer value.

The backbone of PI is our fast growing collection of online content, including in-depth case studies, CIO perspectives, interviews, Data Shots, live webinars and other cutting edge content, all curated by our in-house digital team.

Coupled with our market research, events on 3 continents and intensive training courses, PI represents a time-efficient and valuable opportunity for the CIO, their leadership team and senior IT executives to benefit from the experiences of others.

Who Gains?

C-Level, Directors and the future talent groups
The modern CIO and their executive team

...who recognise that the way manufacturers create, operate and service products is changing.

Directors and VPs

...implementing this strategy.

The future talent

...of your business, who have a thirst for knowledge and will be leading the business in years to come.

To become a member and join our global network of manufacturers, please contact us:
Email: join@pi.tv or +44 (0)207 407 5757